Rubbernecking at its best


Rubbernecking at its best

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  1. But wait there’s more! Keep watching for 5 more seconds and we’ll throw in another car crash for free! That’s right! Two crashes in one video! Please call in the next 5 minutes. Must pay separate shipping and handling

  2. I’ve always said they should have another officer set up on the opposite side of the road or interstate telling people to maintain speed and go. The majority of the time I’m stuck on the interstate , it’s because of something happening on the opposite side.

  3. God… stupid assholes… imagine getting your day ruined by a titface that can’t help but stare and drool at someone else’s misery on the other side of the highway.

  4. Yeah lets all just slow down so that we can look at the fender bender on the other side of a divided highway. This scenario irritates me so extremely. I am very much looking forward to the day that I can work from home and note commute any longer. Idiots in cars are just bad for my soul. For real.


    Wouldn’t be so hard if everybody just did what the fuck they are supposed to do. Just drive your car!

  5. 0:19 is why you STAY in your vehicle

    Door open, but pickup driver probably glad they didn’t have their limbs out of the vehicle when that car forced it shut again.

  6. had to honk at someone at a four way intersection bc they wanted to slowly look at the accident that had just occurred. Can’t imagine people wanting to do this at 60+mph

  7. I wonder people are screaming, “look at those idiots crash”, slow down to 40 in a 70 to gawak at every crash they see. Keep your eyes on the road people. You do not need to see the crash on the other side of a divided highway.

  8. I just don’t understand rubberneckers. There’s nothing interesting to see!
    If you want to see broken down cars, Google Images: “junkyard” when you get to your destination.
    If you want to see ACTUAL car wrecks and not just broken down cars, YouTube: “dashcam accidents” when you get to your destination.

  9. I witnessed a PT cruiser fly across three lanes of traffic and rollover back in 2017. I stopped to assist as did a few other motorists. The driver had fallen asleep.

    I was fucking astounded at the amount of rubber neckers. People slowing down to take pictures etc. I was fucking *furious* because I watched 3 other cars almost get into accidents.

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