How hard is it to just clear off your rear windshield?


How hard is it to just clear off your rear windshield?

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  1. It may be a case of they didn’t clear off the roof of the vehicle. I’ve had this happen (years ago when I didn’t know any better). I cleared the rear window, but when I drove down the road the snow was light enough to blow off the top of the car and over my rear window making it useless. He or she should pull over and clear it again.

  2. Your visibility is largely unaffected by the small cloud of snow coming from the car. I can’t imagine how Karen you get when you see a snowy semi truck on the highway.

  3. Well not in this case… Seems like people are soooo happy when they can take a photo of someone who hasnt wiped off their back window, wich to be honest you dont need to drive a car.. A lot of snow on the roof is another thing but thats not the case here.
    I dont know about the US but in sweden its perfectly legal to drive like that. But I can also drink alchool in the car as long as im not the driver. How that working out in the land of the “free”… 🥳😏

  4. Do you all live where it rarely snows? In Michigan, this is a normal thing even tho it’s just being lazy not turning on your defroster button. That car barely has snow on it.

  5. Snow warms up from the car. Melts a bit. Then it freezes when they park. Then it warms up a bit and flies off in frozen chunks that can damage cars behind you. Takes 2 seconds to wipe it off lol fuck are people ever lazy.

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