Firefighters protecting themselves from a backdraft – the burning of superheated gasses in a fire


Firefighters protecting themselves from a backdraft – the burning of superheated gasses in a fire

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  1. Baltimore City firefighter here.

    Their prowess as firefighters isn’t so much from operating the hose, it’s recognizing flashover when they did. Good training and situational awareness.

    PS. Ladder 49 is MUCH better than Backdraft.

  2. So, this is a flashover not a backdraft. A backdraft happens when a vent limited fire has oxygen reintroduced. Doesnt happen in an open compartment like this seems to be.

    A flashover happens when all of the compartments contents reach ignition temperature and go boom.

    Also this is in a training can/tower so… fairly safe.

  3. This isn’t a Backdraft, this would be a flashover.

    Flashover is when the room hits a temperature high enough to ignite all smoke(unhurt particles), and off gassing of products in a house.

    Backdraft, is what happens when oxygen is reintroduced into an oxygen starved environment, that has high amount of heat built up. The windows and doors are all closed, and when you open up a window or door, it causes basically an explosion in that room.

    Botha are extremely scary firefighting, but typically flashover can occur in a room or building you are actively in fighting the fire, while a Backdraft will occur when the signs of Backdraft are ignored or not seen, and someone opens the door or breaks the window to a sealed oxygen starved room.

    The reason the technique being shown here saves the firefighters. Is that by spraying the water up at the ceiling in the initial straight stream will help cool the super hot gases, and then switching the nozzle to the wide fog pattern will cover a wide area over them in hopes to cool a large area around them preventing it from burning up.

    The look of the structure and floor they are in, this is a controled burn building where they can simulate a flashover with propane.

  4. It’s amazing that they were able to anticipate it by recognizing the signs before it actually happened and prepare their cone of water accordingly. Great training, right there..

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