Drifting for fun on an overpass?


Drifting for fun on an overpass?

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  1. This sub is half car guys and half really not car guys, and it shows lol.

    That guy has more control of his car than anyone else in that shot, including the person filming.

    As the owner of an old, rear wheel drive car, it’s important to learn how to control a slide, with no electronic aids to save you, not even power steering in my case. The fact that most new drivers wouldn’t be able to tell you which wheels on their car are driven is the most worrying thing.

  2. This guy is more in control of their car than most I drive past on my way to work. Not an idiot, just someone putting a smile on their face. I know people on here hate others having fun but driving can be fun and safe.

  3. It’s an rwd Lada, that’s what they are used for nowadays. Although, usually not on roads, but on parkings. Google боевая классика.

  4. Honestly that person could just as easily been recovering from an unintended fishtail. They were going downslope, so it would be a reasonable explanation that she fishtailed as she tapped the brakes.


    She was going too fast down the hill, as the traffic was piling up. So by sliding side to side, she bled off speed without necessarily needing the brakes, which might have caused even more trouble.

    I think she’s a badass. And I say her cause women can be talented drivers too.

    Hashtag ladystuntdrivers, hashtag feminism

  5. I saw the interior of an 3rd gen Focus and at first I thought the drifitng on the overpass was going to be a POV from a Focus RS. Little dissapointed.

  6. Sometimes you want to get a feel for the road before getting mixed in with heavy traffic – is the snow powdery, wet and slushy, wet and packed, or partly frozen (where it bounces you around like a ping-pong ball)? These are things that will effect how I approach other vehicles, make lane changes, accelerate, braking/following distance, etc. Driving in snow with RWD is REALLY different.

    Other times you just want to have fun. Could also be a mix of both.

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