Control your acceleration.


Control your acceleration.

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  1. We always see this. Why??? Why do some people randomly floor it in reverse then shift and floor it forward? They’re always doing just fine the suddenly, “FUCK IT!!!”

  2. I love how they just ram into two other cars after they backed into the first one.
    What was their thought process?
    “Welp. I already crashed once. Might aswell wreck everyone else’s shit”

  3. Wow, I saw this exact scenario in 1999.

    A girl I went to school with got her driver’s license and her parents bought her a brand new Suburban “so she’d be safer”

    She did exactly this. She hit two cars behind her, got scared tried to throw it in park accidentally hit drive and went forward hitting 2 more cars.

  4. I work on cars for a living and not only are people’s skill at driving in question, but so is the condition of their vehicles. I’ve had gas pedals that were sticky, tons of shit hanging from the rearview mirror, fuzzy steering wheel covers that slip and slide around unless gripped tightly, and worst of all and thankfully either no longer popular or not sold anywhere, aftermarket pedal covers.

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