Can’t expect much from a BMW driver


Can’t expect much from a BMW driver

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  1. Unfortunately it happens a lot in /r/NOVA some lanes aren’t oblivious and a lot of transplants fail how to drive here.
    Once you move to a new state, get one of those Student Driver Bumper magnets for your car or take a Drivers test here in Virginia (DMV area).

  2. Why the fuck you have to say you can’t expect anything else from a bmw driver it has nothing to do with the fk car rather the person’s enough other cars do fucked up shit. STOP THE DISCRIMINATION UNDER CARS

  3. Yeahhh ofc but me a bmw driver is honestly hated against when I drive 20 in a 30 zone i still get angry faces for driving to fast. Mean i get it a lot of those are maybe assholes and ofc I get that it is sarcastic. But a lot of people don’t and honestly already decide if you’re an asshole or not by the car. Iknow it sounds a little bit sad to say but it’s not fun if you just love your car but are a decent driver and still get looked at angry screamed at while you don’t do anything wrong. Maybe it was a little to agrasive message from me, but it happend again like 5 minutes so got a little frustrated sorry for that

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