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These drug prevention posters from a campaign in Norway are spot on


These drug prevention posters from a campaign in Norway are spot on

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  1. If only this was worldwide and not just netherlands. (Cause as I’ve been informed apparently they’re doing really well when it comes to dealing with drugs) Fix ya shit america we ain’t doin to hot.

  2. I like all of these, but have a small problem with the heroin one. You dont typically use heroin with friends, and if you do theyre almost always other junkies. I looove the rest though. Guilting and scaring drug users is ineffective and dangerous.

  3. Wheres the bath salts one?

    “Timmy tried some bath salts with his friends. They immediately noticed the effects and called 911. Unfortunately he still tried to eat 3 of them but at least the 4th escaped”

  4. This is great but some drugs should be left off

    “Charles wasn’t arrested for stealing copper from a construction site to buy his meth, he learned how to identify more potent meth to make it last longer”

  5. No it’s fucking not. First of all, you shouldn’t be overdosing on alcohol. Emma has some seriously shitty friends if it has gotten to the point she’s drank so much she’s over dosing on alcohol. And you should absolutely under no circumstance do Heroine! WTF is this suppose to teach people? 99% of people aren’t going to have naloxone on hand unless of course they’re all heroine addicts which in turn you SHOULD NEVER DO HEROINE!

  6. This thread is prime Reddit. Drugs are ok and we should all try them apparently. Overdose on drugs? No worries have someone next to you to call an ambulance so you waste hospital resources because you wanted to have a bit of fun. Don’t know why it’s so hard for normal people to just not do drugs

  7. They’re VERY controversial, but I toured a safe injection site a few years ago and it completely challenged my previous belief on drugs. I thought that by giving people access to drug paraphernalia and a safe space to use we’d be encouraging drug use and rates would go up. I was wrong. With safe injection sites, rates of drug use stay the same but death rates from overdoses and misuse go down. Allowing people a safe place to use is a humane option.

    That tour completely changed my mind.

  8. I’m not gonna lie I love going to festivals and dropping LSD, and the fact that there are people there to help those who are having bad trips, tents dedicated to calming down, free testing for the drugs your about to use so you know it’s legit, and even pure knowledge of others who have more experience in what your doing to help you out. Quit arresting people for doing drugs, help those do them correctly bc the war on drugs will never win. Best we can do is make sure those people who do use em use them correctly. Last thing you wanna do with acid is take a tab, think it’s not working bc you waited not even 30 minutes so you pop another just to realize it was way to much

  9. I love the practicality of the Scandinavian societies. It’s not rocket science that if you accept people will alter themselves, then the response should be safety and treatment driven with Law Enforcement being secondary.

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