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Skating fun in our region, but be careful (Deurne)


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In the province of Antwerp, skating is not (yet) allowed in most places. The municipality of Kalmthout has already given the green light for ice skating on the fens of the Kalmthoutse Heide, but has also announced strict supervision. In Mechelen, skating is allowed on the Ble Keukenweide in Leest, and that was noticeable on Saturday morning.

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The municipalities of Mol and Schoten, among others, prohibit skating on their ponds or brooks because the ice is still too thin and skating will not be possible this weekend in the provincial domains. The province warns that there is no domain guard at the ponds to keep an eye on and ensure safety.

Fun in Mechelen and Deurne

On Saturday morning, many skaters, but also walkers, could be found on the Bleukenweide in Leest. The ice is more than 10 centimeters thick, so you can skate safely. But that will have to be done corona proof. Stewards and police are going to check tightly. Parking is prohibited. Anyone who does not follow up will be fined.

Skating on natural ice is not without danger, it is important to be careful. A woman had to be taken to hospital on the Bleukenweide. She had fallen on the ice and received a severe blow to the head. She has always remained conscious.

Bleukenweide in Leest.

Bleukenweide in Leest. © gvh

In the Ertbruggebos on the border of Deurne and Wijnegem, a little ice hockey was played very carefully. Yet the city of Antwerp is not asking to go on the ice. “The ice is not thick enough anywhere and it is forbidden to go on the ice.”

The temperature will rise from Sunday evening. That is why there are already warnings against flooding due to melt water.


Ertbruggebos in Deurne.

Ertbruggebos in Deurne. © rr

Is reading.

Is reading. © gvh

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© gvh

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