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Humanity beyond imagination !


Humanity beyond imagination !

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  1. I started donating my breast milk. A lady contacted me and starting collecting my frozen milk, I offered he bottles if she needed them. She told me the breastmilk was for her father who had cancer. He apparently drank 30ml a day. Oncologist said his bloods looked incredible. I always wonder what happened to him….

  2. I also had overactive breasts. Some days I could pump 7dl extra to put in the freezer. I was looking to donate but it was such a hassle, took so much time and preparation that I thought it would take my attention from my own baby. In my town was only one site to bring the milk to, so it would have taken 45min to take it there, 45min back, every other day. I hope they have changed that since then.

  3. Idk if that’s a thing in other cultures, but in mine having being breastfed by someone else other than your own mother makes you a sibling ”in breastfeeding” to that women’s children. So her children have a lot of siblings is what i’m trying to say.

    Edit: It’s religious not cultural, my bad

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