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Father in prison& abandoned by mother ; ‘Homeless kid’ living with dog on footpath!!!


Muzaffarnagar: A picture of a homeless boy sleeping with a dog on a street went viral after a local photojournalist posted went viral on social media a few days back. Recognized as Ankit, the 9-year-old boy has been living on the pathway and has been meeting his day today needs working at a tea stall in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar.

Sadly, the kid has been compelled to make the footpath his dwelling as Ankit’s father is in jail and his mother has left him. When asked about his family, he doesn’t know any related information. The only family he has is a street dog named Danny, who never departs his side. Speaking to the media, the child said, “My mother is not here and my father is in jail. I have a pet dog that I found 20 days ago.” When asked how he was capable to endure and at the same time provide food to the dog, Ankit said, “I sold cardboards and earn some money from it. I was able to give milk and bread to the dog as I wash cups at a tea stall.”

After the painful story went viral on social media, the picture finally reached the district administration officers, and, the police have come ahead to support him. The officials began a quest and rescue process and, found Ankit following which he has been put under the maintenance of the district police. CO City Kuldeep Singh said, “We got information that a 10-year-old child is sleeping with a dog. The child was found and after that, the first thing we did was to supply him with winter clothes and other fundamental items. Then SSP has begun the procedure for entry of the child in a school.”

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