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Mom creates an art exhibition using her daughter’s dirty socks and titled it as ‘The Forgotten Sock’.…


Xep Campbell’s 10-year-old daughter, Kestrel, frequently leaves her dirty laundry lying around the house. So, the mom decided to teach her daughter a lesson about what would happen if she simply didn’t pick up the dirty sock at all. The hilarious results are now going viral Internet now. After spotting one of her daughter’s dirty socks on the floor of the bathroom, Campbell decided to leave it alone and see how long it stayed there until her daughter picked it up.

A week later, that dang sock was still there. She wouldn’t confront her about it, or raise her voice in annoyance. Instead, she would humorously call out the sock’s presence in a way that would be hard for Kestrel to ignore. The 45-year-old mom created an ‘art exhibition’ using the kid’s dirty sock. . “I try not to take anything in life too seriously and we often play little jokes on one another so I made the museum label and figured she would roll her eyes, laugh a little, and then pick up the sock,” she said.

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