Got a dashcam on Black Friday, didn’t take long….


Got a dashcam on Black Friday, didn’t take long….

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  1. As my wife once said to me when we were driving home and someone was driving like that, “Maybe they gotta poop real bad.”

    This is how I now see all drivers like this: Holding their ass and trying not to paint their seats.

  2. I bought one for my work vehicle after some moron tried the whole, “I’m going to make a commercial vehicle rear end me for a lawsuit win!” scheme, and my gosh the thing that camera has captured since.

  3. I got a dashcam for my birthday. A few days after I paid off my car, I got rear ended. You don’t see much in the video but you can hear me yell “FUCK” haha

  4. I see this behavior a lot where I’m from (Malaysian peninsula). And not just SUVs & luxury cars. Even tiny city cars that aren’t meant to be driven that fast. I keep worrying that they would just slightly hit the corner of my car, and I would spin out of control, then maybe they survive while I have to deal with the consequences.

  5. Probably about to take a massive shit, or trying desperately to not be late for work for the 50th time and get fired even though it’s much easier to just leave your house 5 minutes earlier every day

  6. Yeah I saw a dude in an Escalade today at the grocery store parking lot… he looked all around and threw his McDonald’s trash out of his car onto the ground and drove off. Whenever I see people in nice cars 90% they are conceded asshats who should get cancer soon and leave the rest of us alone.

  7. I swear the day I got my dashcam everyone started driving normally.

    Beforehand it seems like people cut me off and even got into a few fender benders in front of my car. Now it’s like *they know*…

  8. This is always my example of being a bad driver lol.

    My husband likes to believe these sort of drivers have an emergency while I automatically think “asshole, they must think they are better drivers than the others so they think they are above the rules.”

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