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How do people like this exist?


How do people like this exist?

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  1. CCTV footage has captured the moment a motorist used a lighter to see if his canister was full and sprayed burning fuel all over a petrol station. In the footage, the man can just about be seen on top of the vehicle, to the right, where it is believed he is trying to put diesel into a canister strapped onto the roof of his van. Because it is difficult to see, he takes out a lighter which ignites the fumes causing a mini explosion, and burning flames begin flowing out of the nozzle. The panicked man then drops the nozzle, which sprays burning fuel over the forecourt and other vehicles as he tries to flee for safety in the city of Taraz, Kazakhstan. One brave car driver is seen rushing back and getting into his own vehicle as the fire spreads to a silver grey jeep and a white Lada that were parked on the other side of the tank.


    Leave it in the car, find and pull the emergency shut off switch on the outside of the store, call 911. A fire that starts in the tank will extinguish itself so long as it isn’t provided with more oxygen to burn (i.e. outside the tank). Your gas tank won’t explode if you leave the nozzle in, but you will have a sudden, uncontrollable and catastrophic accidental flamethrower if you pull it out.

  3. Watched a dude on the other side of the pump from me light up a cigarette the other day. Immediately stopped my pump and left. I refuse to be a victim of one of these situations

  4. That was a wild ride. Started thinking the white car was going to reverse into the blue one, then thinking the blue one was going to end up taking off without pulling out the pump, then spot some dude standing on top of something only to end up with a volcano of flames that starts spraying on everyone’s cars.

    Points for the suprise.

  5. How in the literal hell….?

    How STUPID can you be?

    At what point did his brain not get common sense?

    “Hmmm…gas is flammable. I know this because I saw that idiot on YouTube pour gas on that campfire. Oh well….LET ME PULL OUT MY LIGHTER!”

    Dumb. That should be a trip to jail for being so stupid.

    He could’ve literally hurt or killed someone by being that damn stupid.

  6. Sometimes I imagine having the following conversation with someone:

    “Oh wow! I saw what happened! Do you need to go to the hospital?”

    “No, I’m fine, actually.”

    “Here, let me fix that.”

  7. OSHA has pretty much taken a hold in most countries now and with stricter safety precautions unfortunately a lot of these oxygen thieves are avoiding natural selection by the skin of their teeth. Ironically that does mean they are able to participate in many more near disasters than they would have 20 years ago.

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