repo gone wrong


repo gone wrong

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  1. Guy still in car during tow.. finds a safe way to escape tow. Video evidence of tow truck driver driving wrecklessly and as an attorney will say, trying to cause harm to his client and others in the community.. guy wins huge law suit and pays off car. Tow truck driver lost a job, his money, and probably his business for one fucking repo.

  2. Virginia tags everywhere, so yeah, thats a crime.

    § 46.2-118. (C) No tow truck driver as defined in § 46.2-116 or towing and recovery operator as defined in § 46.2-100 shall knowingly permit another person to occupy a motor vehicle as defined in § 46.2-100 while such motor vehicle is being towed.

    Plus, that’s a hidden wheel lift. Jack pirates like that aren’t always scrupulous. A legit repo guy with customers who aren’t shady will be licensed, bonded, and have actual tow equipment as opposed to something that is meant to move a car a quarter mile or less to where a real tow vehicle is waiting.

  3. I don’t care, repo or not, a tow truck driver needs to have more respect for safety than this. To drive around with someone in the driver seat, and to try and stop them after popping off they are too desperate to do a good job. I support what repo drivers have to do, but this is no way to do it. Sad.

  4. For the record, repo men aren’t above the law, can’t break laws and should be charged to the fullest extent. Bonus, a repo business funding employees breaking road laws should be charged fully as well. Just sayin.

  5. No piece of fucking property or debt is worth even one second of the dangerousness of that whole situation.

    To even try and tow with the person in the car is fucking asinine and ridiculous.

    I don’t care if the dude ain’t got no fucking money. Act like you got some god damn sense and don’t treat people as less than property.

    He slid into the side of it with the fucking door open and driver in it. He could have killed that man.

    He could have killed a pedestrian.

    That repo man should be getting reckless charges

  6. I feel like nobody is talking about the fact that the repo truck was planning on just running the red light very casually at the beginning of the gif?

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