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  1. man, that’s a gif that keeps on giving.

    I thought it was just that vehicle’s *interesting* maneuvering, and then there was a **fuckin’ guy ridin’ the windshield**

  2. The reasons for the action of the 24-year-old are likely to be in the “personal health area,” said the police.

    That is so understated. Is google translate being programmed in England?

  3. Ok so it’s either:

    1. Car is being stolen and the owner is on the top trying to stop the thief

    2. The car is fleeing from someone, 2 accomplices: 1 is driving one didn’t have time to get inside hence on the roof.

    3. The owner of the car is fleeing from the guy on the roof for whatever reason (road rage, jealous husband, theft…)


  4. Ummmm…. what in the actual fudge is going on here?!? Now this is definitely a video that I’d love to hear a back story & outcome to! Not to mention a full video if there was one…

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