Rapper Blue Face driving around with his son sitting on his lap ON THE FREEWAY


Rapper Blue Face driving around with his son sitting on his lap ON THE FREEWAY

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  1. So if I’m seeing this right: Driving with no seatbelt on? Check. Driving with small child on lap? Check. Driving whiling playing with his phone in one hand and filming? Check.

    But let me guess he’s one of those people who just says people who don’t like the video are haters who are jealous right? This is just some cool father and son bonding time and it’s all in good fun doesn’t matter if you got into an accident and you and the kid go flying through the windshield on impact. As long as you get that cool ass video of you doing this. If I was the mother to this child I’d be fucking horrified to see this and forbid daddy from driving around with my kid. I’d also tell him to stop flexing and playing with his phone while driving too.

  2. Awesome, child endangerment. At what point do you as a person get sick of all the terrible shit rappers do and stop idolizing them? At what point do you at least say that the shit they call lyrics are damaging your people? Rappers (99% of them) are the worst examples of human beings flaunting how shitty they are and can be and telling you to do the same.

  3. Not gonna lie.., my sperm donor, who is a truck driver, taught me that way. At that young.

    On the side now, I’ve never had an accident in 10 years of driving. Knock on wood.

  4. Perhaps you’re the worlds safest and best driver, but the next car over might be driven by a guy who’s about to have a stroke and then crash into you, ejecting your kid out of your car. He’ll hit the road, and scrape along, ripping off his skin, and literally grinding his bones down along the tarmac

  5. No one on this planet knows who blue face is. Can we ignore the “rapper” names when they’re not relevant?

    “Reckless trash human puts child’s life in danger trying to be cool for his followers”

  6. My parents did this with me all the time. Was the late 1960s/early 70s. Also rode in the bed of dad’s pickup a lot and was pretty good at nailing road signs with his empty beer cans. (Metal back then)

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