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‘Petualangan Sherina’ sequel to be released in 2021


Petualangan Sherina 2, a sequel to the popular musical film Petualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure), is set to hit Indonesian cinemas in late 2021.

The sequel will stay faithful to the 2000 film by featuring Indonesian performer Sherina Munaf and actor-singer Derby Romero as the main characters, though director Riri Riza and producer Mira Lesmana of production house Miles Films said they had cooked up a number of surprises.

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SHERINA AND SADAM ARE BACK! Sherina dan Sadam akan kembali bertualang dalam film Petualangan Sherina 2. Sekuel film keluarga legendaris ini akan kembali disutradarai oleh Riri Riza dan akan diproduseri Mira Lesmana. Sherina Munaf dan Derby Romero akan kembali memerankan tokoh Sherina dan Sadam. Petualangan Sherina 2 akan hadir dengan petualangan penuh aksi dan dengan lagu-lagu yang asyik, lucu, dan juga seru! Hampir semua kru inti dari sekuel ini adalah orang-orang yang juga menggarap film Petualangan Sherina yang pertama. Yang menjadikan Petualangan Sherina 2 berbeda sekaligus spesial adalah hadirnya dua anak muda yang akan turut serta dalam jajaran kru film ini. Yang pertama adalah Sherina Munaf sendiri, di mana ia ikut terlibat dalam pengembangan cerita dan juga akan menjadi komposer serta penata musik, menggantikan posisi almarhum gurunya, Elfa Secioria. Yang kedua adalah Virania Munaf, kakak kandung Sherina, yang turut mengembangkan cerita dan menjadi co-writer untuk skenario film ini bersama Jujur Prananto, Mira Lesmana & Riri Riza. Film Petualangan Sherina 2 kini sedang memasuki tahap casting akhir dan persiapan rekaman musik serta koreografi. Sherina dan Sadam diharapkan akan bisa bertemu dengan teman-teman semua di bioskop menjelang akhir 2021. #25ThMilesFilms #MilesFilms #PetualanganSherina2

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Alongside playing the main role, Sherina also serves as the film’s composer and music arranger, in place of her late mentor and musician Elfa Secioria, who composed the music for Petualangan Sherina.

Sherina’s older sister, Virania Munaf, will also be involved in developing the script alongside Jujur Prananto, Mira and Riri.

For now, Mira and Riri remain tight-lipped about details of the film.

“We’ll gradually reveal them and there will be a fun villain,” Mira said during a press conference on Friday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Miles Films.  

Mira added that filming would start in March and April 2021. Initially, production was to start in April this year and the film released in late 2020, but the schedule was pushed back because of COVID-19.

The idea for the sequel came when Mira, Riri and Sherina came together to discuss a different project. Mira told Sherina that they had an idea for Petualangan Sherina Reborn.

“Sherina asked, ‘Why [Petualangan Sherina] Reborn? Why not a sequel?’ Then I asked, ‘Do you want to act [in the film]?’ and she said yes,” Mira said.

Regarding the 20-year gap from the first film, Riri was certain that the sequel would be created at the right time.

“This is the story that suits us at this moment. It would be impossible if we did this five years ago,” Riri said.

In 2021, Mira and Riri will also release Petualangan Sherina Animation. Said to be based on the 2000 movie’s storyline, the animated film is a collaboration between Miles Animation and Langit Animasi from Jakarta as the project leader, Hompimpa Animation from Surabaya, East Java, and Afterlab from Bandung, West Java. They’re currently in the process of finalizing other characters in the film.

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Pengumuman Spesial: ANIMASI PETUALANGAN SHERINA! Kejutan manis untuk teman-teman penggemar Petualangan Sherina. Untuk pertama kalinya, Miles akan memproduksi sebuah project animasi: Animasi Petualangan Sherina. Film animasi ini akan kembali mengisahkan perkenalan pertama Sherina dan Sadam ke penonton anak-anak hari ini dalam bentuk animasi yang menggemaskan. Persiapan film panjang animasi ini mulai digarap sejak bulan Mei 2020 dan sedang memasuki tahap akhir pengembangan desain animasi karakter-karakter yang ada dalam cerita Petualangan Sherina. Untuk pembuatannya, Miles Animation menggaet studio Langit Animasi di Jakarta sebagai Project Leader yang berkolaborasi dengan Hompimpa Animation dari Surabaya dan Afterlab dari Bandung. Film Animasi Petualangan Sherina diharapkan akan bisa dinikmati di bioskop pada akhir 2021. #25ThMilesFilms #MilesFilms #PetualanganSherina2 #PetualanganSherinaAnimasi

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Mira said that at first, they didn’t plan on the animated project, but as they were unable to shoot Petualangan Sherina 2 in time due to the outbreak, they were looking for a project to do while staying at home.

“One thing that we could do at home was work on an animated film, and we’ve routinely met [virtually almost] every week,” Mira said.

Riri added that making an animated film was challenging as the process took a long time.

“This pandemic is the right moment [for this project], starting from early discussions to the development and characterization workshop,” he said. “We really want this to be a special one.”

With Petualangan Sherina 2 and Petualangan Sherina Animation on the way, there will also be a musical performance of Petualangan Sherina in March featuring singers Yura Yunita and Vidi Aldiano.

Though their main focus would be Petualangan Sherina 2 and Petualangan Sherina Animation, Mira and Riri have planned to release an animated project on a streaming platform and will start shooting a feature film in the near future. They’re also exploring the possibility to collaborate exclusively with a streaming platform.

Amid the pandemic, Riri encouraged filmmakers to use this period to thoroughly develop their ideas.

“We have to maintain our passion,” he said. “This is the time to think about ideas.”

Petualangan Sherina follows the adventures of two schoolchildren who are rivals, Sherina and Sadam (Derby), but who have to work together to escape their kidnappers. The film won in the Children’s Film Category of the 2001 Bandung Film Festival. It also received nominations in the 2004 Indonesian Film Festival for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Music Score. (wng)

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