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MacBook Air M1 review: Faster than most PCs, no fan required


The harmonious marriage between Apple’s own hardware and software has always been the iPhone and iPad’s biggest selling point. Sure, Android offers a lot more variety and customization. But if you want something excessively polished, your best bet is usually Apple. Now the company is basically bringing that same cohesive experience to Macs.

My first thought while using the M1-powered MacBook Air, surprisingly enough, was that it felt like an iPad Pro. It’s shockingly responsive, as if it’s awaiting your next command like an over-eager puppy. Running apps natively built for the M1, like Safari and GarageBand, felt just as fast as launching an iPad app. Safari, in particular, delivers the best web browsing experience I’ve ever had on a computer. Sites load up almost instantly, and scrolling through complex pages feels effortless. It’s like seeing the web for the first time — one unencumbered by the cruft of increasingly sluggish desktop browsers.

macOS Big Sur, the 17th edition of Apple’s long-running desktop OS, is also fully optimized for the M1. You can feel that while merely browsing around the finder and system menus. There’s no hesitation when swapping between apps, and as I mentioned, it wakes up the MacBook Air immediately when you open the lid. Again, I felt a very iOS-like sense of smoothness here. And during my testing, I never once encountered the dreaded spinning beachball of death, which I’ve grown all too used to seeing on my work-issued MacBook Pro from 2017.

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