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Monday provided good news/bad news updates for cord-cutters, as Hulu with live TV got more expensive, but HBO Max is finally available on Amazon’s Fire TV platform. Streamers are still waiting for Peacock to officially launch on Fire TV and for HBO Max to hit Roku, but this is a start.

Tesla Model 3

For those seeking value at a higher price point, word came down that Tesla will end sales of the $35,000 Model 3. Available only by special order, the sedan dropped several features to hit Elon Musk’s promised price point. The Model 3 appears to have a refresh incoming, so hopefully some design improvements can bring it back to that entry price — or even lower.

— Richard Lawler

Meet the DGX Station A100.


Back in May, NVIDIA announced a ridiculously powerful GPU called the A100. The card was designed for data center systems rather than anything the average consumer would run at home. Today, the company has announced the DGX Station A100 which, as the name implies, has the form factor of a desk-bound workstation. It comes with four A100 GPUs — either the 40GB model that the original DGX A100 system came with or a new 80GB version. If customers go with the latter, they’ll have 320GB of GPU memory to play with.
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You might have a better reason to ditch beef.

Beyond Meat

The company has unveiled two new versions of the Beyond Burger that address complaints from those who still prefer beef. The lead burger is reportedly the company’s “juiciest” while still containing 35 percent less saturated fat than typical 80/20 beef (80 percent lean, 20 percent fat). If you’re interested in health above all else, a nutrition-oriented burger has 55 percent less saturated fat than 80/20 beef. The updated Beyond Burgers will be available across the US in early 2021.
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Or aspirational athlete.


Athletes can often be easy to shop for. Sometimes, however, they can be discerning — or might just have everything they need already. Engadget is here to offer some new suggestions they might need (or simply want).
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