Cavani apologizes for posting “racist abuse”

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani apologized for his social media post, including racist abuse.

After Cavani scored braces in the Premier League on Sunday that led Manchester United to a 3-2 victory over Southampton, one of his followers praised him on “Instagram” and Kavani replied, “Thank you, Negro.”

The international Uruguayan star Cavani said that what happened was just a semantic overlap, adding that he was completely against racism.

Cavani said in a statement posted on the Manchester United club website: “The message I posted after Sunday’s match was a gentle greeting to a friend thanking him for his congratulations after the match and I can’t offend anyone. I am completely against racism and the message has been removed. Once it was clear to me that it could be interpreted differently.

Also: “I would like to sincerely apologize for that.”

Cavani has already deleted the post, but that does not mean that Cavani will escape the ban for at least three matches according to the social media guidelines with the FA.

Manchester United said: “It is clear to us that there was no intentional intention behind Edinson’s letter and released it as soon as he was informed of the possibility of a misunderstanding. Manchester United and all its players are fully committed to fighting racism. ”

It should be noted that Luis Suarez used the same word in 2011, when he acted as a Liverpool striker when he spoke of Patrice Euro, then a Manchester United player, and Suárez was banned from eight games.

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