Al-Turki: 960 participants in the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival Awards

The official spokesman for the King Abdulaziz Festival in its fifth year, Dr. Khaled Al-Turki, revealed the participation of 960 contestants for the festival’s prizes, which will begin tomorrow, Tuesday and last until January 14.

Al-Turki said at a first press conference on Monday at the festival’s headquarters: “The festival begins with updates to the current version and is driven by the abandonment of a trademark or alliance between the main terms in all categories except the club cup and the electronic chip assigned ownership. camels legal status. ”

He added: “Entry into the (stallion and production) and (mafarid) color categories of drafts has been smooth and flexible over the last two days, with no cases or breaches being reported, except for exceptions from planning commissions due to age or color, which will be regularly announced through the Club Account. ”

He pointed out that this copy, in addition to local participants in all categories, has international participation from “Russia and France” and participation in the Persian Gulf and registration is still available in the remaining competitions until three days before the arbitration.

Al-Turki also touched on a new update in this version, a category (value) whose prices have jumped since the club’s announcement. Stresses that this falls within the stated objectives; Achieve economic benefits for all owners, including participants and others. ”

He said the singles results would be live and instant, in front of owners and fans through club social media platforms.

The spokesman emphasized the lack of tolerance in applying the “Weqaya” health measures to all festival participants and staff and the use of the “spacing” application when participating in the festival and not gathering with more than 50 people, in addition to the participants’ commitment to established regulations and laws to avoid any penalties. and emphasized that the Rights of Objections are guaranteed to all participants through official channels.

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