Al-Faris Al-Sharbatly is the second-time Grand Prix winner in the “Diriyah Tours” series.

His Highness Prince Abdullah bin Fahd bin Abdullah, President of the Saudi Equestrian Federation, crowned the Saudi Olympic Knight Abdullah Al Sharbatli with the main prize at the end of the second round of the Federation’s Diriyah Tours, from 26 to 28 November. The bike gained control of the main runs. last week.

Sharbatly was able to achieve the award by defeating Jordanian knight Ahmed Mansour and Saudi knight Ramzi Al-Dahami in the total number of two rounds the Grand Prix witnessed when he completed the first round in 73:38, compared to 48:27 in the second round. while Knight Ahmed Al-Mansour needed 75:62 seconds to complete the first round and 51:17 seconds for the second round, which takes second place. As for the jockey knight, he scored 70:76 seconds and 4 penalty points in the first round, while he was able to complete the second round in 45:22 seconds to finish third.

Saudi knight Khaled Al-Mabti achieved the twelfth shield in the last days of the second round when he excelled in a total of two rounds, followed by second and Egyptian knights Muhammad Burai, second and Saudi knights Nasser Al-Shawaf, while the first three places in the game were dominated by Saudi knights. 11th, with Knight Hussam Abu Jabal in third place, Princess Al-Anoud Al Saud in second place, and Knight Mishari Al-Harbi, who reached the shield in first place. As for the two future generations, their titles were decided by two Saudi knights, Makki Ismail and Badr Al Harthy, after Knight Makki won first place in the ninth game, Al-Faris Al-Harithi protects the tenth inning.

The Saudi Equestrian Federation has announced the addition of two international championships with a rating (one star) accompanying the third (four-star) rounds, which will start on December 9 next December by the 12th of the same month, as well as in the fourth and final rounds (5 stars). – December 19, 2020 AD, in the interest of the Federation to provide an opportunity for the participation of Saudi and international riders and riders, amateurs and professionals.

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