$ 1.9 billion costs to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The newspaper “Yomiuri” reported today, Sunday, that the postponement of the Summer Olympics (2020) to next year due to Corona cost the organizers another (1.9) billion dollars, referring to people associated with the event.

The newspaper said the cost of the pre-postponement meeting was ($ 13) billion and that the organizing committee would decide on sharing the postponement costs next December after talks with the Tokyo city authorities and the Japanese government, adding that other postponement costs included staff salaries. and the use of new ticket refund systems. However, it does not include measures to combat the spread of Corona.

A spokesman for the organizing committee said the organizing committee was currently addressing the additional costs of postponing the meeting, and the journal’s report also stated that meeting organizers had originally estimated the additional postponement costs at approximately $ 2.9 billion, but had managed to reduce them. amount by simplifying certain actions.

It is worth noting that due to the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government decided in March to postpone the Tokyo Games (2020) until next year.

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